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About Corona-Transgender

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About Corona-Transgender


Glitter, bright colors, and deep slits are what brings out our inner Cleopatra. Sadly, it is hard to get accepted by our society no matter who you are or what you do.  I have been transgender  since I was a teen, and I faced may hardships day in and day out. Despite all that I went through, the worse situation of it all was that I could not find any plus-size ladies wear for myself. So, I thought, no one has it, then my store will carry it.

The Brand Name Ideology

Even though I had planned this venture a long-time ago, I only found the time and motivation to establish it after I was laid off my job due to the corona pandemic. I am unstoppable, and that is why I thought it was best to start what I had always dreamt of bringing forwards. Hence the name Corona-Transgender

 Why Am I Doing This?

My brand is just not from those who which to cross-dress but for all the plus-size beauties out there. In the past, whenever I walked into my favorite stores, I would come back home with lost hope and a broken heart. It was rare that I could find something that I liked in my size -- this also made me wonder that there must be so many out there who must feel the same. I am doing this for me, and I am doing this for them.

What makes Corona-Transgender Stand Out

You look at the business world out there, it is only for the money. However, I am here for the passion of fashion that brings all divas together. Whatever I do, I do it out of my love with crossdressing. I make sure to follow all the latest trends to bring forwards something truly unique and inspiring. I aspire to my customers, my friends to make them stand out whenever 

Safety of the LGBT Community

How can I forget that? I understand that we must stay safe because people out there in the world are willing to harm us, and I have been a victim of harassment myself. The platform which I have built is safe for all those who transition from whichever gender they prefer to the other. We don’t judge here at Corona-Crossdressing, but only love, encourage, and support. Most of all, we flaunt our beautiful bodies and our adoration for cross-dressing.


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